I married a dumbass

Largometraje. Director: Adrián Grunberg

Flor, an unknown stand-up comedian, who is dating the director of the film in which she works, falls in love with Iñaki, the protagonist.  But it turns out she has fallen in love with his character in the film, instead of his real self. When the actor finds out his wife is dissatisfied with his true personality, he will try to use his acting talent to preserve the relationship and turn a bad situation into a complete mess.

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Compulsion (In Postproduction)

Largometraje. Director: Batán Silva

A love triangle set in the heart of Mexico City where an impulsive egocentric TV producer, an ambitious neuroscientist, and a police detective desire love, and look for it in all the wrong places.
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Let´s play in the forest

Largometraje. Director: Chema de la Peña

Javier and Mariana are trying to recover from the loss of their son Tomás. Their marriage and life in general is crumbling, until Javier receives the news that the paperwork for the recovery of his family’s Hacienda has come through. He sees this as an opportunity to move there, remodel the place and start fresh. He only needs his grandmother’s signature… For reasons she will not disclose, she refuses to sign and warns him not to go there… Under pressure from his wife’s attempt to end her life, and the need to leave behind all the memories of his son, Javier forges his grandmother’s signature and moves into the old house, unaware of a curse that hides within which will turn his dreams of recovering his life into his worst nightmare.
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Kosher Nostra

TV Serie. 13 Episodes x 45 min.

Who is God? An ally or an enemy? A truth or a lie? Is it salvation or perdition? For the Mazor brothers, God is everything and nothing.  Yosi Mazor, an Israeli mobster, sets up a business cutting blood diamonds in the basement of a Kosher butcher shop owned by his brother Abraham, an Ultra Orthodox Hassidic Jew and a member of the Hasidic community in Brooklyn, New York.
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TV Serie. 13 Episodes x 45 min.

Mexico in the 40s; a family struggles to stay together by opening its own dancehall, while facing the problems of the middle class of the time and the unfair competition of a corrupt local mafioso. Eden is music and dance, twists and intrigue, memory and nostalgia. A look back at a fundamental part of our identity.
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