Director Chema de la Peña

One night, after receiving the urgent notification of a deceased man caused by a traffic accident, three people get the same call: the chance to finally obtain the long wanted kidney transplant they all have been waiting for. This first and fortuitous encounter between the characters will be only the beginning of the bonding relationships among the three. “Vive Por Mí” explores the hazardous lives of four characters during a month, which is the time between the two accidents that change their lives and interweave their destinies, are forced to face life and redeem the turbulences of their past.

Queen Bee

Director Jerry Ciccoritti

Baby Dynamite, a Mexican masked-wrestler who has made a career on Canada, decides to team up with Queen Bee, a Canadian wrestler who likes to break the rules and give trouble. During a violent fight on the ring one of their contenders suddenly dies and her fianceé orders for their heads, in order to avenge her death. Both wrestlers run to Mexico where they go through many adventures escaping from the mafia who chases them until they reach refuge in a ranch. Soon they discover the place emprisons a little girl and her family, kidnaped by the Chupacabras Monster. The wrestlers manage to rescue the family making an aliance with the Charro Enmarscarado, who is now the reason  for Baby Dynamite to start a new life in Mexico.

Golden Lights

Director Francisco Murguía

The year is 1956. Paco, an impulsive adolescent, escapes his stepfather’s abuse and leaves his home near the border in Northern Mexico in order to search for his biological father, an American baseball player who disappeared at the onset of the Second World War. The only clue Paco has to his father’s whereabouts is an identification card with an address. This leads him to a small town in the U.S. Southwest.Things don’t turn out the way Paco hopes and he finds himself forced to take employment in a retirement home whose residents include war veterans and an elderly Japanese man, an ex diplomat—Yakamura, alias “Papa San”—who holds a war secret that has forced him to live in silence for years.When Paco and Papa San meet, their lives reach a turning point. Papa San finds his key to freedom in Paco. And Paco discovers in Papa San’s friendship that answers to big questions can come from the most unexpected people.

House of Shadows

Director Eduardo Aguilar

The Gift

Director Carlos Andrade Montemayor

In the mountain range of Guerrero, Mexico, the rape of a native Me'phaa woman by some soldiers, is the reason why Alberto, a former human rights activist begins a documentary. During his investigation finds that this is only the tip of the iceberg and simultaneously awakes memories and frustrations, when in his youth, he tried to free two political prisoners of the Chilean dictatorship.
The letter, (The Gift) that one of these prisoners sent him 20 years ago, is now the key and reason to continue his research and find a way to reconcile with his past.