Inter Life (Aka. Richness of Internal Space)

Mexico | 2011 | 35mm | Color | 89 minutos | Alfhaville Cinema Estreno / Premier July 2013
Director: Kai Parlange Script
Lázaro is kidnapped, held in a 3x1.50 meters room, completely isolated from the outside world. Forced to reveal private information about his relatives, and in fear of having betrayed them, Lázaro falls into a drastic abandon of himself. Near death/ Close to death, Lázaro finds a glimmer of hope, which shows him that his heart, will, and mind are not kidnapped nor held, and never will be. By standing the possibility of never being freed, an immense faith, unconditional dignity, and a profound desire for liberty, shows Lázaro the true nature of an unbreakable human spirit.