At Sin Sentido Films we like what we do, and what we do is produce: short films, feature films, TV series, Ads. We care for contents to tell short and long stories. We care for cinematographic quality, music, and visual effects. We care for laughs and tears in any language, at any part of world. 

We transform novels into scripts, we turn scripts into projects, and we optimize talent and resources while (co) producing those projects. We raise funds, and provide production services if the project is already started.  We summarize effort to co produce by bringing to the table the 25 years field experience of Rafael Cuervo and Alejandra Cardenas. Both producers have gone through every production position, and have proved a profound knowledge to any possible vicissitudes that can arise during the filmmaking process.

We let our experience speak for ourselves.

We welcome you to Sin Sentido Films

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